The Boevink Group added value to companies is accelerating cross-border sales and providing expertise in scaling up. Typical clients are companies that have already raised funding or are already generating significant revenues, and need to scale to the next level, increase their teams, develop the next version of their platform, win partnerships and clients, and to put business controls and governance in place.

We represent Asian, Canadian, US companies who want to have presence in Europe, as well as European, British clients who want to grow internationally.


The specialisation of Michael is having a strong strategically view with more than 15 years in telecom and the payment industry. With an international vision Michael has a nose for the pearls in the industry and is strong in the field of developing and implementing these innovative marketing management projects. His personal goals are as pragmatic generalist in the field of implementation of marketing strategies, business development and oversight of change within organisations.

Added Value

  1. Cross Border, we are truly international and have a solid network in the New media, telecom and financial services market.
  2. We have a track record of performance based business. We perform on marketing communication, business development, strategy, accelerating network and improving organisations.
  3. “Investing” means to allocate resources  (eg money, time, energy) to improve quality of life of our clients, stakeholders and ourselves.
  4. Why do people work with us even after a failure? We give it all, try all angles are adapting strategies, execution plans and guide the company and owners on all potential levels. We never, never, never give up, which makes the chance of succeeding high.

“Fun is one of the most important and underrated ingredients in any successful venture.” Richard Branson


The philosophy is creating something great for the world, without limiting yourself or the type of investment. In search of excellence it is important to select the best possible person for the project. Knowledgable people with a positive attitude and a will to succeed is what the aim is with projects and companies. A high level of delegation makes everyone easily reapicjumbo.com_HNCK7449chable to people and fast decisions are made.

  • Give back by creating,
  • Word is Bond,
  • keep your promises,
  • Act Local; Think Global respect cultures and people,
  • Keep innovating and embracing change,
  • Partnerships for a long term beneficial future