Financial Services can be different!



Year and years we know banking as it is and it is defenitely time for a change. Somehow industries are kept alive with support of governments, but luckily there is a paradigm shift. It will take years before the world wide financial services will be available to all and ofcourse the unbanked still have to be reached, but it is nice to see there is a movement going on, which will move for years: Banking is necessary, banks are not – thanks Bill Gates you good have done a bit more with Microsoft in the good days. The Banking industry needs drastic change and the drivers will be highly innovative companies as Google Wallet and the David versus Goliath players like Strip, A4 Community, Square and many more to come. As a consumer it will be a relief that you will get a budget message in advance, if you can buy this or a warning please this is on offer. This is what finance is all about, YOUR personal money and budget to do what you want. Consumers walking with their mobile phone and using their personal loyalty points for somebody else because they CAN and WANT. We have seen many disruptive technologies change the consumer for a better experience, I truly hope there will be a lot to come.

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