wanted and liked, nobody trusts change until its there




Today has been one of these days I got a lot of questions,  is this real and or is this really going to happen. I realised suddenly that it is not a given fact that change is wanted or liked. A lot of things like the mobile phone were not wanted or liked. I heard a lot of people saying to big, not necessary I call at home, arrogant people and many more. Airline tickets or shoes online….not wanted or liked. embracing change takes a while. The first time I was sitting in a governement initiative with a lot of serious suits and banks I remembered. I was all fired up about prepaid online payments for kids and unbanked consumers, who wanted to buy online, but 3 highly ranked bankers explained me that it takes 7 years to get people accepting a new payment method. I was flabbergasted……7 years that is more than a life time I was thinking. After that that they even came with proof from thorough research reports and their product launches and I was almost getting into a depression….but still had the feeling that this was wanted and liked. So with lot of pioneers we kept on saying this is wanted and liked. Finally the banks launched a national online paymentsystem, which was the 1st to beat the 7 year cycle. Ofcourse the banks got all the credit for their innovation, but I remember how happy all those pioneers were, they only thought I can sell so much more online……I am so much more wanted and liked. we trusted change and I will keep on trusting change, how scary it may be on to a new era of financial services.

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