Africa is thinking out of the box, please improve your life too




I always like to work with emerging markets, making my first encounter more than 15 years ago in Africa. I can still remember very well because I was unexperienced and used a great relationship with connections to go there. I came in alone, brave as I was……and there was this great big black guy, with a name tag in front of him, my name. I felt relieved there was someone to help me. I have been raised internationally, so for me it wasn´t hard to blend in, but the first lesson I learned is that Africa wasn´t really behind on the latest marketing and development. Although they were behind on many things as infrastructure, poverty, apartheid and many more, there was a lot of innovation going on. 15 years later I am noticing that they are ahead on many things and a lot of people are still watching at Africa as that dangerous continent. At this moment Africa is one of the emerging continents who are more innovative than the Western world on mobile payments. They are more eager to learn about the latest technology and find solutions to help them improve their lives. This is what my grandparents and parents did! My grandparents being into the worldwar II and my parents born post war, always were looking into solutions for improving and thinking out of the box! It will be great if our generation wakes up again and start thinking of innovations and ideas to improve our lives. Crisis must bring back our creativity to help eachother and bring some excellent ideas, but if you doubt….have a look at an emerging market differently out of the box. They might help you to get that award winning idea to help us back on track.

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