Make yourself a limited edition!



There is nothing wrong with admiring great and succesful people and companies as Google, Apple and or Virgin. The market thrives on it and a lot of concepts and companies are being copied and put in a slightly different presentation. This happens and consider it great, if your concept is being copied….you are on the right track. Just make sure you are true to yourself and do not become a ´wannabee´. Entrepeneurs need to have authenthicity. In that sense all the TV-show judges for the next big artist are right, they search for the unique qualities of an artist. With business this is not any different. Clients, customers, investors and employees are in search of that limited edition in YOU. How often you hear people talk about this amazing sandwich they ate in that tiny place around the corner….a lot because the owner makes a difference. I was once invited to go through the city of Rotterdam with a group of entrepeneurs and they took me to around 10 unique places in the city from the best cake to the most unique disco. The most impressive thing about the whole day, is that we were continously inspired by the owners and really got excited about a cake. All the owners made themselves limited editions in what they did and showed their passion for their concept, employees, location, really everything. I recommend everyone to be a limited edition, you will become the next Google, Apple, Virgin or any other person or company you admire. 

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