Laugh your ass off and don´t take yourself to serious



It has been a while, but I was invited for a serious network event where we had to dress up and to attent politely. In general I do not mind, but if people start becoming to serious about what they think and need to tell you I am getting bored within 5 minutes. It is also the problem of network events, because these days there are always the network hunters to meet you, usually a laywer, consultant, accountant and fiscal guru is in place and they take themselves really serious. So it was very nice to meet an old friend of my father, who is actually a merger and acquistion guru and tax laywer, but doesn´t take himself to seriously. While we were taking a glass of wine, we were approached by the network hunters of that day (he is rather well known) and they all have that general way of joining into a conversation…..would you mind if I introduce myself, etc. But we were already over our 5 minutes and we always go with the basics, if there is a click the business may follow later. The first encounter wanted some free advice of the relationship, his answer was the following: you can call me on monday morning on this number, if you remember the number by heart now I am pretty sure you are serious and I will be happy to schedule some time for you. I was laughing, but he told me the ones who like a challenge will get the appointment if they are serious and I will try my best. The second encounter was like a group of specialists, whereby we told them that law was really the most simple study you can do. He has a law degree and confirmed this to them, they were flabbergasted….and didn´t really know what to say. We concluded it was time to go, before we would confuse more people, but he did reminded me just before we went: Never take yourself too seriously and laugh your ass off. A great lesson, without a doubt, people must laugh much more and also about themselves. Good people laugh a lot and are not scared to laugh about themselves. These are the persons who perform, work hard and know that life is full of surprises and when they laugh, they mean it!    

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