(yes – 85%) of what we worry about never happens.


Researchers at the University of Cincinnati found that eight-five percent (yes – 85%) of what we worry about never happens. Moreover, the study found that 79% of us handle the 15% that does happen in ways that surprise us with our ability to turn the situation around. Actually everyone who reads this, doesn´t actually have to worry about this blog anymore. It is however one of the most difficult things to do and our minds like to worry about outcomes, results and how the future looks. All people I know worry! It can be about their children, company, plans you make and many more. Although there are many methods offered how NOT to worry, worry is always in the mind. There is however a big difference for great entrepeneurs, who have the ability to change their worries into opportunities. Two simple things actually make that happen. The first one is they are able to see things in perspective, yes simply perspective, take a step back from your worries and tell me what is more important, your health or all the sick people in the world. To give one example: every eastern we were bringing with the easterwalk a big cross filled with sweets (my mom allowed) to the children hospital (amongst cancer). We saw all those children (some to die) really happy, smiling and pointing on which they liked most (sweets help). When I worry a lot I see this picture and my worries in perspective, how bad do I really have it…. The second thing is entrepeneurs are able to think in solutions. Yes simply solutions. Often you need something to get rid of your worry, for example lack of money. The solution to create money is often not that difficult, you just have to think in all the possibilities you haven´t explored yet. But take some time to step back at that worry and make a list from small ideas to big ideas to create money. The last good solution I heard was the following: A michelin star cook went bankrupt due to the crisis and couldn´t manage anymore. Not a really nice event with a lot of worries, but he came up with a solution to start a street kiosk to create support for his family. He attracts a lot of consumers, because he can cook. Sounds simple right, I can tell you a big step for a chef like that. His answer was his passion has always been into cooking, if people like my food I am happy too and make an excellent living. There are many more examples to tell, but if you worry, see the perspective and make your list of solutions. You will do great and have no time to worry. 

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