When is cash going to disappear…..My answer NEVER.



It is if we are back in the Henry Ford period, whereby ´you can get any colour you want as long as it is black´ was the vision from a product point of view. At this moment the financial services industry is finally moving, not because the established banks and corporates are so innovative or that the whole distribution chain of money is changing. No finally there is a need created with the consumer. They tell me everything at the moment, it is mobile, Apple, Internet, crisis….this is all helpful and stimulates the market of new payments but it is not engaging enough YET. I always say if a person goes to a restaurant he or she decides if she pays with credit card, cash, debet or mobile. Multichanneling with financial wallets will always be around and that has to do with the consumer. Yes simply the consumer decides how he or she pays and does that with the payment methods he or she wants to use. Somebody who works at the market and receives his total revenue in cash, will go to dinner in the evening and pay…..cash. Surprisingly people only look at their own environment and I look at it from a bigger point of view….the consumer. Why are mobile payments go faster in Africa….there is a direct need for the consumer. In the old days they always gave a lot of gold to women, not only to please them, it was also their travel money if they had to go suddenly. So if we with all the great technology we have today can find the consumer need, than there will be a change in the money chain. Will that change make cash disappear….no not for a long time….so lets do our best and find the consumer need. 

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