Don´t always believe one-liners



In the information age, with short chats messages, tweets, texts and other social media communication we are getting less knowledgeable. Yes, we have google and somebody called me dr. Google this week, because I searched for some medical information and I am convinced my diagnosis found was correct (luckily it was). But more important I realised that people get an overload of information these days, with TV, Internet, Google and Apple applications which helps you to make your day as easy as possible. So people forget to read….if you know that worldwide there is a literacy rate of 84%, which means 775 million people cannot read. But of those 84% according to the statistic, just 15% read and 80% has less than 10 books at home. Yes it is a scary low number and thats why I love the development of E-books and digitalising as many information as possible, which makes information available for everyone. Available information you must read about a subject you like or want to learn. It is scary that young kids tell me that milk comes from the supermarket. They actually do not know a cow is involved….. One-liners in the politics to convince the consumer, Media to influence consumers with one-liners in the headlines. We are all getting the message, but not what is really behind it. If you are really interested in something, don´t only grab the one-liner, but do your research and read!  


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