Future is difficult to predict for people, often there is a large amount of work done and suddenly the mass finds out how great a solution is. When I speak to succesful entrepreneurs the general answer always is, we worked on this already for many years. And that makes sense. I believe highly in the speed of new media technology and also that there can be great ‘hits’ like flappy bird, gangnam style, whatsapp and many more….but if you ask the people behind it, they were working on new ideas and concepts for many years. I am glad we go much faster these days, for me the speed of innovation may be a lot faster, because there is so much space to improve ourselves. And thats where innovation starts, where can we improve ourselves. For example a car on fuel is pretty old fashioned, but our community and economical business behind it, prevents that innovation. This is actually what makes us like ‘disruptive’ technologies. We are in need to break old patterns and open new paths to create better sustainable solutions. This is why I always ask myself why does a vacuum cleaner make noise or why has a car still wheels…..and than I usually get carried away why flying takes so long and travel to the moon might change this instantly. Back on earth I get back to the basics and realise there is a giant gap between solutions and technology that is already available and the consumer and economical chain which slow us down. My first encounter with mobile payments was in 1992, when they already showed a payment with mobile phone to buy a Coca Cola from a vending machine by texting a number. I really was thinking this is the future… in 2014 it is still not the number 1 accepted payment method. It is literally scary that consumers and economical powers dislike change, because this can bring us much further….so the economical powers might be difficult to influence, but if we all start embracing change must faster like a song as gangnam style the whole world will be looking to a bright new future. Instead of awaiting change lets embrace it and while I am around, I just might experience the speed of time travel, although I am happy I aim for the stars… I can at least hit the moon.

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