Sincerely Entrepeneur-ist


Entrepeneurship has many forms, but one important thing makes an entrepeneur and that is ACTION. We make every day mistakes are always to optimistic about our next deal, but we take ACTION. The ´can do´ mentality, ´nothing is to much´ to go for and many more all relates to action. I have been raised in a entrepeneurial environment and one of the great things I learned is to take action. If somebody asks something and I say I can do it, I prefer to do it instantly. Yes we are all busy and there are many reasons to delay, but it is more important is to set your priorities in a good sequencial order than to postpone or talk about the things that you still have to do. START, everymorning there is a pile of work lying there for you, which is probably more work than you can handle in 24 hours. Who cares, take action and start. Be smart priorities and delegate what you can, but please take action. My worst experience is always that people have no time to meet, because their schedule is full….I am always flabbergasted, how is it possible that your schedule is too full to meet someone. If you have the luxury of an assistent fire her instantly, because there is always time for a meeting or a quick drink. I was reading about Richard Branson lately that he jumped into a cab completely packed schedule and the taxi driver asked if he wanted to listen to his music. It was NOT possible…..but he told the driver ok why not at least I help someone. The driver was Phill Collins! There are many of these stories and the good entrepeneurs who are described as always lucky, are not lucky they take ACTION. Most entrepeneurs are humble and very polite, but when they want to achieve something they can be shameless and fearless to give it their best shot. They always take action, so while you read my mission to ACT, please start now, make a call or mail you postponed it will bring you something good and maybe the better than you expect. GO, GO, GO.

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