Think Global, Act Local, even if you just started



I still meet a lot of great enthusiastic people who want to start their own business or have already started. With those people you talk about their needs and challenges and I am often surprised they only looked around in their own country. Simple things like I need more consultants and or IT-people and my answer is, did you look in India or Ukraine? Or I need more clients to grow and my answer is did you present your company on international events and online? Still the jump to international business seams to scare people. With a European Union and highly globalisation of the economy, I can recommend to try. Try talking to fellow entrepeneurs abroad and try to widen your view. Often the cultural differences gives you good insight in your own local business and helps you to improve it. A lot of new network will be there and expansion can be taken step by step, even if you start talking to the embassy or an international friend. New doors, new insights…..means new business. Good luck to all who are taking the business global and keep acting local.

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