So you fail, so What! Realise that you are close to your success

Don’t fail to take action because you’re afraid to fail. Remember that that failure is an important part of the learning process.Image

So you fail, so what! Every now and than people have to be reminded not to give up on their dreams. Somehow, yes including me, we have our bad days. Things didn´t went as planned or just did not work…..and although you believe in it, the small voice inside doubts if you are going to make it. With a bit of help of all your critics: I told you so, I knew it all along, you are not born to do this and so much more you start giving up….and you are making the biggest mistake in your life! You must never give up, the path to your success might change direction, your journey can be a bumpy ride, BUT you do not give up! Everyone in life will have set backs, some people are more fortunate than others, but we do not give up. I give you one example and than hopefully you understand….not my point…but the meaning of life. Recently my sister was asked to join initiated by Monique Kalkman. My sister told me the story about her in brief: When she was 14 year old she got cancer and as a consequence a paralysis from her waist down. This great ladies attitude is to go for gold, in experience of gratitude, health and happiness, is her philosophy in sports, work and personal life. She reached this by not giving up, yes she became mother, yes she won golden medailles, yes in more than 1 sport too, yes she reached a top function in business and yes she is a nice lady….not possible right:-) It is an important example and message to everyone, do not give up, you might fail in what you do, you might experience hurdles, set backs or worse, but you can fulfil your dream and often you are closer than you think….good luck and looking forward to your success.  


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