The fastest growing companies are GIVERS




These days the world is full of advisors who charge for their business, which is understandable. In the current business world we need accountants, laywers, tax consultants, patent protection and so many more important parts of the business. These advisors also scare people off not to share your idea, because it can be copied or stolen and you end up with nothing. That advise doesn´t only cost you an invoice, but much more! The world doesn´t not thrive on the advisors, it thrives on the creators, sharers and givers. It is one of the reasons Richard Branson only let´s the accountants in after the deal. It is one of the reasons Facebook and Google are free for the consumers. It is one of the reasons the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is creating massive success. Please understand that all of this people were not rich at all, when they started giving and sharing. Microsoft even allowed (silently) students to copy their software to stimulate usage in the beginning years. Entrepeneurs are not scared of giving! Give relationships, trusted network and positive energy, please give it. The more you give to people in your network, the more they will give back and your business will keep on growing. You give your passion, your knowledge and you will convert this into succesful business for yourself. Yes you are thinking about all the times people try to copy your idea or steal it. Look at it from this side: in general your idea is already invented somewhere in this world, not once but maybe 10 or 20 times. Disruptive unique ideas which change the world are rare and do not often happen. It is the (r)evolution of those ideas that create great companies. There will always be improvement and growth in the market, so you can better keep on giving your positive energy and use it for the good. I always say if you are being copied we are on the right way. Please give positive energy and keep on giving and sharing, you will create great business and enough to have the right people around you who will help to protect you when necessary. Ask every succesful entrepeneur for giving added value and they will help you. I do know that that is one of the reasons I love the internet industry ´old´ style, they all give as much as possible and the internet keeps on growing. Giving to charity will enrich your network, giving to your network will make you a succesful entrepeneur. We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill. I Wish every entrpeneur the best success ever, I am sure you will give it all!! 

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