An alternative look for healing patients

Boevink Group is a diversified company with several investments and activities. We try together to create something good for everyone, like our new clinic increasing people’s health.

Sintergetica is the synthesis of occidental (material), chinese (energetic), homeopathic (energetic, informational) and ayurvedic (informational) medicine forms. The combination of matter, energy and information encompasses consciousness and hence Sintergetica is best described as consciousness medicine. Sintergetica therapies are designed to bring about simultaneous physical, etheric, astral and mental changes. Act Locally, think globally, feel totally

We offer consults for people with pain, which requires more than medicine.

Within these hectic economies a lot more people develop ´chronic´ pains and diseases from all kinds. Many people think that the only way to solve those pains is the traditional medicine and by taking different kind of medicines or that the pain is a part of their life. This is not true, we are born healthy. All diseases have a psychic origin and an accurate analysis learns that your disease can be cured if you are open to it and willing to follow the treatment.

In Healthy Bodies Medicine, we cure the disease tracing its origin with the alternative methods uniting the knowledge from the Alternative and the Traditional Medicine that is what makes us more complete in regards with the treatment of a patient.BoevinkGroupnewsIMG_2775

We invite you to visit us to get more information about this latest treatments or if you would like to start your treatment with us, feel free to contact us at  or you can call us from Monday to Friday from 9.00h to 13.00h CET time 0034-971 758919. You can also follow us on Facebook

Have a great day and thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Boevink



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