Lagos, Nigeria August 2014 Boevink Group and Tristit launch e-commerce platform

Press Release

Lagos, Nigeria August 2014 Boevink Group and Tristit launch e-commerce platform in Nigeria


With a growth rate of 7% for more than a decade Nigeria is not a country that can be ignored, says Michael Boevink. Africa is an emerging market and despite all the news in the media, we can conclude it is a highly innovative market where there is great potential with great people.

With our local partners we are able to set up the business, so we can us their experience and extensive network with the ability to understand and translate international cultures into their local culture.

With the growth of the mobile market we welcome partners as Tristit to develop and grow our country and serve consumers, says Christian Anako and Ike Namani. The combined knowledge of all partners is a perfect match and we are happy to work together and make this a success.

This is simply one of these opportunities in the market we cannot miss states Uzay Kadak CEO Tristit.

Headquartered in Seattle, USA, with activities spanning the globe, Tristit is a leading mobile and e-commerce technology company mainly active in Internet and mobile software-related products and services. Tristit, founded in 2003, has more than 11 years experience in proven disruptive innovative products and services. For more information please visit:

Boevink Group is an international diversified group of companies. Its core business focuses on Innovation, Finance, Telecom, New Media, Young Entrepreneurs, Education, Medicine/Health, publishing and many more activities. With our location in Nigeria the Boevink Group supports investors and projects in Africa to enter the African market, with local people, network and crossborder sales. For more information visit: Office: 8A Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria or e-mail

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