Retaining consumers in your MVNO eco system is the name of the game


These days the consumer usage in the telecom industry has switched to data. But who cares about data? A consumer absolutely doesn´t care about data, that´s right the consumer doesn´t care. The consumer cares about his/her direct need and with the monthly budget they have they spend their time and money. Which means the one like’s music, time and money goes to music. Simple right? This is where the current MVNO´s must focus their energy in. Their brand must focus on an eco system, which fits those needs. Offering a service package whereby your profit is loyalty. Take for example Skype; Skype is great free and works fine. So when the consumer wants free international calling, suddenly the eco system transfers to a peer-to-peer solution, whereby the earnings model is ads and or cheap rates. The MVNO at that point in time is ´gone´ out of the MVNO´s eco system. In general this will always happen, because with the current internet and app platforms consumers are almost free to go wherever they feel like. One of the reasons for Facebook to buy Whatsap is to stay ahead of the competition (at whatever price), so a MVNO can takes his part of the business on his/her branding, services and mostly important create services whereby it is attractive to stay in their eco system. A supermarket as Tesco is able to do that with their offers, you are more likely to stay in their eco system if there is a reward on your favourite shopping. You cannot compete with a personalised offer. Technology wise a good example is to offer the consumer a voip app he might not use it as Skype, but if I give him the option of anonymous calling numbers, usage of several (temporarily) numbers and voip suddenly I keep my consumer in the ecosystem. These 2 examples one on the brand and one technology side is where there still a lot to win for MVNO´s. MVNO´s can and must still develop a lot of potential business models to have the consumer benefit optimal to be with their favourite brand!

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