My people love my brand, buy me, shop with me….why having a mobile strategy or app at all?


It’s no secret that the MVNO market is booming. With 25% growth every year, new players are establishing MVNOs to offer cellular services in addition to their core offerings.

Core offerings is what’s interesting, if my core offering is fantastic and fulfils all consumer needs why do I need to offer mobile via a MVNO?

Why? My people love my brand, buy me, shop with me….why having a mobile strategy or app at all?

We have to go back to our consumer and look why would they want to use our mobile phone with better pricing of course?

It is all about multi channelling, the first interesting thing is that consumers always have their mobile phone with them. It is an essential item that is gives direct access to communication wherever you are. So the mobile phone is literally a direct channel to access my consumer on a friendly way, that helps I can get more involvement in my brand if I am giving them mobile brand access.

Hmmmm reasonable thought, but still my brand is great and I compensate with some good advertising and I get the same result right?

But that mobile phone always near the consumer gives me that weird feeling, because my brand is not always that close to communicate. Everyday contact with my consumer will be nice and to talk about my brand with loyalty programs and promotions will make him buy and like my brand more.

Why? We are going to push more information to make my consumer buy….? Good thought we all love extra sales….but why?

We go back to our consumer and are going to look at behaviour and suddenly we know this consumer is a member of several communities. A business community for workdays, a family member in the weekend, a sports lover, traveller and all other activities that decides how he or she lives their lives while loving certain brands.

And that’s where the real value comes in to have your consumer into a community via a mobile MVNO. You can make partner deals to add value to your proposition, create and receive more marketing data from your consumer, because you add value to his or her community. That is in the basic why ethnic MVNO’s were quickly successful the community was communicating with their family abroad. Supermarket MVNO’s are successful, because everyone shops 1-3 times per week. Being part of a community makes a MVNO not only feasible and sustainable but add value to the consumer needs and that is core offerings of the brand. A good mobile strategy can strengthen the consumer involvement of your brand and that’s a core offering.

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