Doing business online or in person, only a hologram can bring you closer than the real thing!


These days we are hooked on the internet and it is by far the quickest way to network, meet new people and learn to know each other’s information. The information overflow I am getting through social media and e-mail accounts is impressive and it is being selective what keeps us ongoing informed by what and who we want.

But be honest real life is not online. If you want to fall in love you will have to meet the person eventually, an avatar is nice, but not the real thing.

Richard Branson’s quote: “Personally, I still prefer having meetings in person. You can learn so much from eye contact, body language and conversational tone (the appropriate tone, after all, doesn’t always come across in virtual conversations). When it comes to business partnerships, if you have the opportunity to first establish a personal, face-to-face connection, go for it. Then when you follow up online, you’ll have a foundation for a good relationship.”

I think he is right, that you need to build up a relationship, which is online impossible. Or is it…..I spoke to a relationship who does all PR activities for a client for more than 8 years and they never met in person. They connect really well and they generally skype once a day.

Now here comes the interesting part, in life we are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic oriented. Basically this already makes a huge difference in business. If you are a kinaesthetic person and you talk in emotions making online connection is more difficult. Also a skype call, while you are visual focused is less efficient, you just do not get the vibe, which can be solved partly making it a video call. I do think ‘holograms’ can bring us closer you almost have the person in your room alive, this can be a large win for doing remote business.

In the end we value personal contact so much, because it gives us the whole picture and emotions. If you really know the person you trust him more to do an assignment. A lot of cultures value long diners and drinks to get to learn to trust and know each other, whereby a (bottle) of beer, wine, vodka or rice wine is not uncommon.

Doing business online find out what type of person it is, so you can express yourself visually, auditory or kinaesthetic and build up a great relationship. Are you entering in a partnership go out meet in person and express your interest in that person. Listen, learn and build up a long-term relationship, because in the end if you want people to invest in you, they will look at your determination, resourcefulness and intelligence and no hologram will get you that close to YOU.

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