This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl!


Honestly I am getting tired of feminism and unequal woman rights and all what goes against women. In the last centuries Women proved their values in business life and although it seems that men are in the majority, women often call the shots. Because behind every successful family man, there is a woman who supports their man and often is the one who is asked before an important decision is made.

On successful women the list is endless, but to give some good examples, our Dutch King has a very powerful lady at his side, who makes all the difference. Before that we had a Dutch Queen, who did both. Everyone heard from Lady Diana, Margaret Thatcher, Oprah Winfrey, Queen Elizabeth, Angela Merkel, Estee Lauder, Sheryl Sandberg, Margaret Whitman and we can keep continuing.

We all know that to multiply ourselves we need a woman and a man, for the men with children we all know that the women is the strongest one amongst us. In business it really doesn’t matter if you do business with a women or a man, it is a matter of treating each other with kindness, respect and trust. What is also nice these days is that we can multitask (women’s specialty) due to the mobile phone. We can be online whenever we want and that’s supports the room for doing business wherever we are.

So why an article about women, because I truly think that they make the world a better place, that I still like to open the door without being confused if that is feministic or not. And finally there is now world without women….at least you all know.

Today’s superstar business executives have benefited greatly from the changes the past and although there is still a belief that there are glass ceilings and other barriers, times have changed for the good. I know there are countries or people who will not agree, but I am a firm believer that you can achieve whatever you believe and conceive. Women this days are empowered by smartness, technology and create their own opportunities as successful women already showed in the past.

In that sense there is a theory that in the long run a woman has a better build and probably will run the fastest time on a marathon. It can take a while, but evolution always works in a women’s advantage. So a tribute to the women in my life, my wife and my 2 daughters who can lead the way to a successful future.

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