The premier league visualises the investment market in start-ups and entrepreneurs


Be honest we all talk about Unicorns and investments in the new next thing and it has to be bigger than Google. Basically it sounds simple, we put money into it and it grows…..or not. Take that to the Premier league, yes there are always some strong teams in the top, but at the moment a smaller club takes the lead. Smart play and smart investment. And that´s what it is all about getting smart play and smart investment. Was Bale worth a 100mln investment…..unfortunately not and did the quick turnaround 200-300mln of Manchester United leads straight to title….unfortunately not. And that makes the Premier league the blue print of the investment market. There is no guarantee of success, the clubs with the biggest budgets, can actually lose from a third league cup fighter. With investing in start ups and or running one, you realise you enter the premier league. Suddenly you are a player and you need to train and play every day to make it a success. A free kick like David Beckham misses thousands of time, but with his skill set, he scores more than enough to make the difference. This is the premier league, where entrepreneurs/players like Gerard and Gigs made a daily difference, not only on the field, also off the field. It is their passion, money is a bonus but is far off why they can day in they out talking and being busy with their game. The premier league attracts massive international investments and international players for the name of the game without guarantee of success. Clubs are run like companies with good and bad investments…..and then getting once in a while that success. Yes clubs win prices, but not too much….every win is special. Also region doesn´t define success the Premier league title is often not won in London….it might increase the success but no guarantee. Reflect that to the world of investing in Entrepreneurs and companies. Overvalued, undervalued, lean and mean start up the market has it all. Everyday someone wakes up with an idea to reach the top. With Football not any different, more than 80% of the players do not make it to the premier league. They can earn a good living, but not that magical number. Also the investment live of a player is short, most entrepreneurs do not make the 5 years…..most players neither. Some shine for a moment others are just in for the money. Good people and bad people the premier league visualises the real live whereby yes you can be wealthy, passionate and have it all, if you have the entrepreneurs spirit. Yes the entrepreneurs spirit, whereby everyday you go out and live your passion. You train everyday keep focus on your team position and build a team of better players around you. To be every day better in your game, have bad days have successes have failures. You see it every day in the Premier league from missed penalties to the winning goal in the final minute. The rules are also debatable with referees and you have fans and people who don´t want you to win. You see it all in the Premier league. Take a good look at the sport, the ambiance, the investment money and yourself. Wherever you enter you have to be willing to give it all, sacrifice, be disciplined, be passionate and you can be too a shining star from Edwin van der Sar as a goalkeeper or Shearer as a goal machine or just that great midfielder like Scholes….to many good players in the Premier who really made the difference every day on and off the field. Are you Premier League material than go for that next big thing what drives you to make a difference… won´t regret the ride.

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