Transitioning to Global Digital Banking

cardphotoOur industry is a fast moving market, whereby corporate organisations and banks are moving into new ways of generating business (earnings) models. Waiting for the ultimate business model is not an option, given the speed that e-commerce, M-commerce, F-commerce and G-commerce are moving. Joining this market and being a player in the social media arena is a must. Embrace the ever-changing consumer landscape that is driven by convergence technologies. Smartphone’s have not only made the world a smaller place, they have redefined the way we communicate, the way we do business and the way we transact. The entire world is now only a keystroke away. Our solutions empower industries using methodologies, to embrace the ever-changing consumer landscape that is driven by these convergent technologies.

We are able to create a learning curve in the payment industry for clients. Not only because of financial market share, but also for services such as mobile security, bridging technologies for infrastructure, market and financial data flows in the cloud, and one or other approaches to service customers. The platform focuses on community banking and possible marketing programs with diverse models. This will benefit clients in their future and moving forward of their organisation.

We facilitate a full service financial platform, approved by international authorities. Our aim is to facilitate large groups of consumers, with service offerings next to the existing services of our clients. These service models are focusing on merchant and partner deals which will benefit the consumer through debit cards, savings, international money transfers, multicurrency, and bullion trading. We actually create an active community, whereby approved partners can bring in their offerings to benefit the consumer and create a new earning model for the bank. The more active the community the more cash pool, transaction fees and financial wallet is created. The consumer will be more likely to use his account than cash, due to the fact a direct benefit is attached to it.

iiiiBANKER is designed to put many transactional solutions directly into the hands of consumers where they have power over a transaction 24/7 or banking related service in any country. 1.3 billion people now travel the planet each year which creates the importance of being able to fully manage all banking services from the mobile, in particular the ability to generate a Debit Card in the currency of the destination (at a cost lower from what the traditional banks charge) directly from your mobile.

iiiiBANKER also recognises the importance of personalised financial identifiers, such as creating a Debit Cardto your own style or sending funds at lower rates on an instant basis.

The ongoing emergence of the global financial connected network, will allow consumers to take control of products and Services which once only a bank could provide. iiiiBANKER is a retail & wholesale brand of V2PAY which allows developments created by V2PAY to be immediately placed into the global markets stream.


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