Boevink Group Opens Brexit Advisory Hub

Targets start-ups in new media, telecoms and financial services

London, 6 July 2016: Following Brexit and the trading concerns it raises for Britain’s start-ups, the Boevink Group today announces that it has opened aBrexit Advisory Hub to offer strategic guidance to entrepreneurs in new media, telecoms and financial services for cross-border revenue development.


“The implications of Brexit have stunned start-ups in particular as they lack the resource and expertise to fully understand and overcome all the new challenges they now face,” says Michael Boevink, CEO of the Boevink Group. “They can now tap into Boevink expertise through the Brexit Advisory Hub for support and commercial upswing.”


The Boevink Group has a proven track record in providing businesses with C-level strategic advice, business development, funding, and marketing roll-out services. Past and present clients include Canon, Novamedia Sweden, Telecoi-IMCI, Lotto, Tele 2 and Wallie, the first prepaid payment card in the Netherlands. Recent start ups to join its expanding client base include RIPTec, Expand Venture and V2Pay.


“Our promise to Britain’s start ups is to pave the way to success in national and international markets,” adds Boevink. “Never has there been a better time to expand.”

Entrepreneurs wishing to tap into the group’s expertise should contact Michael Boevink by email or call +44 203 603 4101.

About Boevink Group


The Boevink Group added value to companies is accelerating cross-border sales and providing expertise to scale up. Typical clients are companies that have already raised funding or are already generating significant revenues, and need to scale to the next level, increase their teams, develop the next version of their platforms, win partnerships and clients, and to put business controls and governance in place.






Press contacts for further information, executive interviews and images, please contact:


Michael Boevink, CEO, Boevink Group

Direct landline: +44 203 6034101, Email:



Hugh Paterson, CEO, Whoosh PR

Direct Landline +33 (0)467 55 99 12,


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