Theresa May can take this British Immigrant and EU Immigrant case as an example for the future!


Good morning Mark, how is the weather in Spain, very sunny only I am not seeing anything from it in the office finishing that plan you asked me to do. How is the weather in the UK buddy….it is Great Mark 4 seasons in one day over here, just cached a rain shower I am soaking wet.

A typical start of the day discussion from a British immigrant in Spain and a EU immigrant in the UK. Mark is the founder of a British company Riptec Ltd, developing state of the art Telecom technology to roll out globally with a solid footprint in Spain and the UK. As a Non-Executive director I follow up some meetings in London, when he cannot come over for a holiday trip to the UK and basically my role is to help Mark succeed no matter what.

This is a perfect example of why we have a Brexit Advisory Hub ! This is real life, 1 member of the board is from Macedonia and 1 member, me, Dutch both living in the UK, the British founder lives in Spain. We develop in Spain; we sell with British distributors, we are getting operational in over 10 countries and having a complete mix of international people surrounded by us. We are multicultural world citizens, work, speak the language, yes the English guy speaks Spanish too, use local healthcare and pay too much taxes.

Add to that our mission with a British company as Riptec to make the worldwide communication easier, cheaper and gives us multiple local, fixed and mobile numbers on one phone. So yes I can call with a Spanish number in the UK and or Mark can call with a UK office number while in Spain.

Basically Spain and Great Britain benefit from these immigrants and the immigrants are hard working entrepreneurs trying to build up something unique and make dreams come true. We are relaxed about the developments, not directly scared to be deported and we embrace change. Think Global and act local In that sense Great Britain has always done well, because of history owning 25% of the world, having English as a main business language. Great Britain is just a great place to start and then to look further!

That´s the strength of Great Britain and we all must realise that connecting globally and acting locally is massively important for all of us. The only reason we use Worcestershire sauce, HP sauce, English breakfast and Cheddar cheese is because Great Britain united with international trade deals. Wrong choices have been made and always will be made, but uniting the simple things as 2 entrepreneurs, living as immigrants, is probably the basic of a harmonious ties with Great Britain and the EU.

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