BREXIT ADVISORY HUB, True Believers of GLOBAL Free trade and LOCAL knowledge


One of the main challenges for Great Britain is to rapidly explore “new opportunities” across the world, including with China, one of the UK’s biggest inward investors. That is despite a short term economic shock from leaving the European Union.

Within our Group we have relationships worldwide and we never limited ourselves to culture or borders. We adapt to where we have to go and get a quick understanding of the possibilities with local relationships, who often became friends. Swirling around the globe we know the hurdles of free trade, bureaucracy, corruption, limitation due to human rights and or sanctions.

So yes some countries are easy to entry others are not, but there is no limitation. Good examples are the world leaders in the industry, like Phillips who is active in over 60 countries or General Electric who has Global Locations in more than 170 countries. Their boards are multicultural with a strong heritage to their country of origin.

These Global multinationals act local, as also use the local knowledge, resources and people. It´s one of the reasons you have to love a city like London, who offers that ultimate multicultural feeling. The whole idea that we can eat food from over a 100 countries in London says enough. People love people and we learn to take the best out of those countries and must realise that not everything is the fabulous in your own country as well. To keep it in the food, I originate from the Dutch and love to have try ´bitterballen´ or ´patat oorlog´ which is typical, but also ´raw herring´. You probably already know that the ´raw herring´ isn´t a winner for a lot of expats and immigrants. Watch Hugh Grant eating Raw Herring and please do try it!

The question is if ´raw herring´ making the Dutch bad to trade with….ofcourse not, we have plenty of good things even if we are to direct for some cultures. This is basically the fun of cross border sales and development and using each other’s strength. Learning to do cooperate and working together creates unity.

Brexit gives an important message how people act and react, but for business it is important to stretch our boundaries and look over those borders and see if we can create a mutual beneficial business together. With the current new media development and growing access of internet the world becomes a lot smaller. Mutual respect will make your world even smaller and better connected and find great opportunities. Within our Group we reach over 50 countries where we can do business and we are continuously looking and open to see if we can do business. Yes we have hurdles as, language, pricing, governmental challenges, timing and even turmoil. But if you think global than you know the world is big enough for your unique service and there are great opportunities out there that can make you a global company while acting local. BREXIT made us aware that we must stronger profile our goals of being a true Global company and still enjoying the 4 season’s weather in one day of Great Britain.

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