TALENT doesn’t bring you a gold medal or business!


With the Olympics it always nice to see the winners and all contestants in general. A lot of life is reflected into sports in general. A person goes a tremendous journey of his life to get to the point of being an Olympic. They all have talent, but that didn’t bring them at the Olympics. A lot of detailed events in life got them there. Some learned the sport by watching Youtube movies, others we born in areas where you have to run for your life and others just found their passion in their sport.


Circumstances are completely different per country and per person and that’s where it is interesting to know that talent doesn’t bring you to the ultimate top. A lot of experiences a human being goes through to get there. Sometimes the loss of a person or injury made them just that bit more determined to get the medal. Circumstances as great mentors, coaches, massage therapists, guidance and the facilities for sometimes 8 years really make a difference. So in business we always say surround yourself with the best. Get better people around you and do not be scared for that it will support you and your company to improve and make sure you get strong at the things you are less good in. Trust me a 100 meter sprinter is really bad at the 10 kilometre swimming contest. So if you have your circumstances optimized it still doesn’t guarantee that you win. A lot of mental and emotional experiences are of great influence to your final performance, as also realising that the golden medal is just one moment of victory in life where you trained years and years for. It always goes with a tremendous amount of setbacks, failures and determination. It is incredible nice to hear sport people talking what they have been through and learn from their experience. In that sense entrepreneurship is the same and can be compared to top sport. There is literally no entrepreneur who I know who haven’t had failures, bad days and even had a moment of quitting in his mind. Those moment define our lives and those failures, tests need a lot of patience, persistence and perseverance. So yes Sports is a hobby you can do all day, but so is being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is also a journey to get recognition in the form of a business deal, exit or great profits. But all the talented entrepreneurs know one thing it is the ride, the passion and the determination to make a difference in the world with their unique service that will get them a GOLD Medal. And that moment of success is treasured, but what’s more treasured is the everyday habit of getting out there and making that difference. How many laps, time in the gym, effort, mental strength, conquering an injury or setback do you need to have that ultimate moment for yourself, which makes it all worthwhile? If you question yourself learn and listen from the journeys of these Olympics sportsmen and you will get up again and go that extra mile to get where you want to be.



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