EGO – what happens in BREXIT would kill TECH business

Exclusively written for ITProportal


Is EGO behind the Brexit campaign? Of course, the media can’t and won’t tell us what really happens behind the scenes! But one thing is a fact, the way politicians treat each other – not telling the truth, complete disrespecting honesty and integrity – would kill business. The whole idea of having plans with different agendas is just not done in our industry and transparency is critical for success. Also, all the rhetoric about representing a whole nation and then using a divide and conquer strategy is just not the way to go in business. Thinking in business terms, the governmental BREXIT team should now hire some marketing specialists to analyse the target market and come up with a tailored solution….that is a key question to ask in business, how do we make that difference?

Reading through all the media stories, it is shocking to see all the intrigues, backstabbing and even leaving the ship after a ´victory´. Within our industry that is plainly not possible, it directly ´kills´ the business and you will get punished for it on the way.

There are a couple of reasons why!

1.FRAUD – When Richard Branson attempted a VAT fraud, he almost ended up in prison. It is one of the many examples that show why we need to always focus on our integrity. That lesson benefited him in all his businesses.
2.LONG TERM – whereas in politics you have short term thinking and easy exits, within the tech industry you are in for the long term. You need to build up a relationship which you can count on in the good as well as the bad times. The most successful businesses rely on long-term partnerships, even if it is not the ´best´ deal. Trust, continuity, being there for each other, and knowing where the value is added always win in business.
3.OPPOSITES – under-promise and over-deliver are the way business goes. We need to continuously add value and keep ahead of the market.
4.SPEED – we cannot delay decisions or shift them to another person, we need speed and the right man for the right job every day. We cannot just procrastinate on decisions within our industry. It is better to make a mistake and learn from it and deal with it straight away.
5.RISK-REWARD – We build businesses with high Risk-Reward ratios, whereas politics is risk-averse and static positions are created. In business we take high risks which do not always succeed, but we know that if it pays off, it pays off well.
6.CLIENTS – We nurture our people and clients and listen to them. The biggest complainers are the ones we learn the most from and we embrace that to improve our service.

It is sometimes interesting to see how large multinationals handle EGO. A good example is General Electric; when they choose a new CEO they make a short list of 3 candidates. When one is finally chosen, the other 2 are required to leave the company. Think about it, 2 of your top notch directors have to leave! The good thing is they always maintain a warm relationship with the company, which leads to new partnerships. And that´s where Tech business is so much more developed; we can hire top-notch people and pay them to solve things when it goes wrong. We are accountable for everyday decisions and we must embrace those decisions as well as the consequences.

In the light of BREXIT, it is time to set all egos aside and redirect focus! Politics is Politics and we cannot control our external economic environment. We have to be flexible and act appropriately. Set your EGO aside along with FEAR, UNCERTAINTY and all other side effects caused by BREXIT.

What is more interesting is to reflect your own EGO toward what happened in BREXIT and then do your own survey. YES, a survey! How you are perceived by others. And be fair, call your partners, employees, clients, and friends and ask the question, what you think of my EGO? Explain your view of what happened within BREXIT, naming the people and that you want to use this knowledge to improve your company and yourself. BREXIT is for us another opportunity to grow and you will get remarkable feedback which will help you progress further. Also use your EGO to reflect how you treat people; it is not only being friendly with the concierge, but also small gestures. How often do you see an old lady struggling with a heavy shopping bag or a mother with kids who cannot get the stroller up the stairs? Think about that EGO, because an act of kindness will help you forward. Alongside all the BREXIT news you see the call to unite, suddenly there is an awareness that humans are really human. We can unite in all ways and our EGO must reflect that. Help each other’s business forward, share good ideas and solutions, don´t be scared of your EGO. Look into that mirror and say to yourself we can beat BREXIT by setting aside our EGOs and make the TECH BUSINESS and OURSELVES great….again!

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