Laziness addressed!


Yes the whole world is reading about the PM who mentioned that the British got lazy. The thing is, it doesn’t really matter if he is right or not. I am more shocked about all the reactions that people want to defend themselves. Why do you want to defend yourself, if you wake in the morning look into the mirror and go out to make things happen!

The average entrepreneur works 60 hours and more because it is his or her passion. Trust me it doesn’t matter if the entrepreneur plays golf every week and practices on the driving range too. A real entrepreneur wakes up and thinks continuously about his business. Finding a balance between private and business life is always the challenge, and as an entrepreneur you have the flexibility to work whenever you want and can…..365 days a year.

The reactions towards the PM are just setting the focus on the wrong direction. What we all need is to be aware that to thrive as a country we need to set the environment to succeed in life and business. Often we wonder why certain companies scale up that quick and that is mainly because the environment is set to succeed. Every industry is different, but we all know if we create a joyful focused environment people get more productive. Considering the Swedish we can do that better in 6 hours a day and at the moment Sweden is already successful in our industry.

Different cultures different ways of success, we in Europe do not win with the discipline of the Chinese working culture. They push much harder on hours as well as the Americans. Within Germany productivity is very high, mainly because of a great discipline. So there is till now not a right or wrong, what we do know if the ‘city’ creates a competitive environment with excellent business environment, like HongKong, Singapore and London you see that business starts thriving. No that’s where international experience comes in handy as an example in Hong Kong it is work hard play hard motto, which gives such a great vibe to meet and to create business…..but everyone goes Hiking and there is a great beach and you also make sort trips to Thailand or others to relax. Work hard play hard principle. Setting a working environment in a quieter environment as Stockholm works just as well, they have a great outdoor life, as also a great old town. I love to work in the Nordics in general, except it is too cold and dark in wintertime. Creating the working environment in countries like South Africa is highly competitive and completely competitive with Europe. Cape Town’s way of working is different though, you do business outside. Golf is there one of the ways to meet and catch up with each other and it is important to enjoy life to do business. The working environment and living standard is fantastic. Also we have to remind cultural effort in work, without a good long lunch not talking about business you often do not do business in Southern Europe. Also there you have to adapt and take your time, maybe not the most productive way from a working ethic, but Italians and Spanish managers in London perform extremely well, because they ‘bond’ better with the clients.

So my verdict on the discussion that we became lazy with all our banking holidays and holidays can be true. We work less and less, but our challenge is more to create an environment where people can thrive and pursue their passion. Because everyone who has a passion, will be successful and put in more hours than anyone can imagine. I am sure the government can contribute to this and make Great Britain Great again!


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