The whole concept around the Brexit Advisory Hub has always been about strengthening the community.  Our business community is focused on working and cooperating to launch new services in new regions.

We are all in a high risk environment and the people involved can be described as entrepreneurs with a network. Our general goal is to make a company succeed and accelerate growth. In return we are somehow involved, which spreads to Non-Executive Directors, Board members, country management etc. With a risk model of low fixed fee and a variable fee in form of commissions, bonuses and shares/options.

Working with many different nationalities is knowing you make mistakes the whole time. The way country A perceives the information is different than country B and than we are not even talking about political, language and cultural differences, but just the basic interpretation of communication. There are so many failed deals, just not understanding the core message and or core need of the other person. If you just make a list of all the details per country, probably everyone will give up on expansion globally……where the real fun actually is. Thinking global, acting local is one part of the business, the other part is making the bridge. It is building bridges apreciating eachothers qualities and cultural backgrounds what makes expansion a success and often create a life time friendship.

Great Britain wants to become the global leader of free trade and that means, whatever decisions are made by BREXIT, Great Britain will embrace making bridges. It means to maximise cooperation setting aside differences and make things work. Working together pays off and we practice what we preach on a daily basis, where we bridge challenges to make companies a success. In that sense I always admire the fact that Great Britain left a lot of heritage in their prime trading times. As I am also proud that a man from India was talking to me how wonderful integrated (for over 40 Years) he is in Great Britain with his kids and still can get his local food too. Let´s make that bridge to succeed in life for everyone, while respecting the bridge we all have to make.





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