Your Growth Depends Upon a Narrative


By Michael Boevink, CEO, Boevink Group


Our group has been scaling up companies from scratch or launching new products and services for a life time. We see the ´golden nugget´ grow from concept to business plan to service to launch with or without large budgets.

When writing that business plan and giving it life, one business driver is always overlooked … a narrative. If you look at successful companies like Kentucky Fried Chicken, they have a beautiful story, Virgin is another with a massive narrative as is the Google boys from their dorm university room.

When a company starts or aims to scale up internationally, we always look for the narrative and invest directly a small budget in PR to build up the company. 

Wow building up the company with PR and a narrative! Is that rocket science? Yes, we advise this because one of the biggest challenges in our industry is to explain why a company makes a difference in the life of a client and consumer and at the same time generate sales leads to get cash flow. 

In practice, we meet brilliant entrepreneurs and companies who have a lot on their minds and on paper, but cannot bring their charm to the end goal …  cultivating the client/consumer. And that´s where PR comes in to build around the core service a narrative that gives charm, heritage, track record, trust, shows boldness and builds up the company on their journey to success. 

PR is a vital process that inspires employees, excites partners, attracts customers, and engages influencers. A narrative must be concise but comprehensive, specific with room to grow, one that defines the company’s vision, communicates its strategy, and embodies its culture.

If the world starts believing who you are (not what you can do or are), you define yourself and your company. 

With a narrative, you reap the benefits of a strong, authentic identity and engagement. So while we scale up the company, we grow and add value to the company with a consistent long term narrative. This is what will never be found good old business plans, but which we see is behind every successful company. 

As a North American Indian once wrote, tell me a fact and I will learn, tell me a truth and I will believe, but tell me a story and it will live forever in my heart.


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