Business Update


Dear friends, business relationships,

Once in a while it is good to keep each other updated, about what is happening on our side and to see if this gives joined opportunities together. In this case please do not hesitate to see an opportunity, match or cross sell. This is a call to action; don´t only read it, get of your chair and make things happen.


V2Pay is an amazing journey and shows true innovation, while not forgetting the existing infrastructure. We expect to inform you about the latest innovations and launch soon, but we also realise it never stops, so the founder Bill Field is launching a Boot-camp. The Boot-camp will allow the industry to attract Australian & global thought leaders in payments technologies. For your info read this We will keep you posted!

Riptec and

The market for multiple numbers is growing and more and more people understand that mobile only with fixed and mobile numbers on one phone is convenient, cheap and increases communication and gives options for business and consumers.

Our aim is to keep increasing our user base and distributors to gain market share and keep on leading in this space. Please don´t hesitate to trial this service and let us know for your business or area what we can do! When downloading, use promo code pr247 for one month’s free call plan with 100 minutes to major global destinations and a £1 free credit for all other destinations. In addition you’ll get a voucher to use against the purchase of a phone number. Once the 100 minutes are up, you can choose to join the mobile revolution for good and get exceptional low cost minutes rates for worldwide destinations.


Expand Venture invested in a niche player for the recruitment of Scale up people.Employt is a marketplace where awesome funded companies hire top talent! We have scaled tech businesses and know how painful it is to find and hire great people. We have created Employt to tackle this problem in London and the UK. Candidates get a screening, speed up the selection process and to be more precise. Sounds easy….right…Algorithms and specific elements combined with personal meetings make the difference. Find out for yourself we most welcome companies to give Employt a try; we create a visual view of your company culture. 

Brexit Advisory Hub

Our narrative is to build up companies with great stories and make them successful. While counting up we now reach over 50 countries, cultures and local access and it will be great if we grow to a level that we are globally bridging our joined network and knowledge for business and also enrich our private lives. Most business people become friends, when you need to really intensely work together.

We also set a structure which has to evolve into a joined vision, but not restricted because fulfilling everyone’s personal dream or wishes is not possible. Cooperating and making things happen is a much greater goal and with this journey we learn and grow ourselves too.

We are strengthening our group and it is good that you know that we have partners and they are all open to build partnerships and businesses worldwide, as also open network with knowledge for setting up and growing companies from scratch till corporate or funding till exit. We are all basically in for the journey.  Realise that we also all have access to highly skilled people, lawyers, accountants, consultants, marketing, PR,  language skills and many more.


We all give in some way, the more we give the more we succeed. One of our relationships is Mike Tobin (look him up he lets his employees swim with sharks and they actually stay). He supports The British Asian Trust’s ‘Give a Girl a Future Appeal’ which is aiming to transform the lives of over 100,000 girls and women across South Asia. Each team is being asked to help us to transform the lives of 100 disadvantaged girls by raising £3,000. The UK Government has partnered with us for this Appeal and is doubling all donations. Employt will launch a team and we need people to cheer, support, join DO SOMETHING

Charity related activities is something we all do from the heart, realising we are all privileged and grateful.

Just some things which are pending……

We get loads of projects offered and a lot of them disappear in the network, some are not making it and some don´t let us make it and in the end we all try to make it!

To name a few companies of interest we have a relationship with are and Artificial Intelligence company with a huge potential in the AI space. an Insutech company who is launching in the UK saving 80% on your mobile phone insurance with better 24/7 consumer experience. an IoT company with excellent knowledge and track record, who is building an ecosystem of connected devices, apliances and other.

Our aim is to to do more together, for now we are just related to the owners or founders and they can use support in their journey to growth, so please do not hesitate if you want an introduction we are happy to support these entrepeneurs in their journey.

I hope you all enjoy this update and look forward to keep our relationship strong and adding value where we can.

Wishing you all a great week

Kind Regards, Saludos cordiales, 親切的問候,

Michael Boevink


S boevinkgroup

M 00442036034101

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