Why tech succeeds in Britain


Brexit created a lot of rumour about not getting the right skill sets and resources to the UK. Everyone knows it is going to be difficult if we cannot tap into the EU-resources and for some industries it can be a real challenge to get specific skills. The Tech Industry in the UK needs of course good people and the EU can be of great support. A lot of deals will need to be made to keep a relationship on joined research and partnerships to enjoy the benefits of ´sticking´ together with an open market. Next to that it is natural to work with the EU and the people, we haven´t teamed up for 40 years without achieving anything and We, Great Britain, like Europe as well as Europe likes Great Britain.

Still if we look at the Global Tech industry we have to distinguish what we need in-house on Skills, Agile and creativity and what we just outsource. If we take a closer look at an overview of the top 10 most wanted skills in 2016 it mentions the following categories.

  1. IT architecture

2. Programming/application development

3. Project management

4. Big data

5. Business intelligence/analytics

6. Help desk/technical support

7. Database administration

8. Security/compliance/governance

9. Cloud/SaaS

10. Web development

(Source http://www.computerworld.com/article/3012033/it-skills-training/10-hottest-tech-skills-for-2016.html)

If you take a look at the type of skills, we know we can get 80% of those skills globally with top notch Tech people from China, India or closer by home Ukraine and Romania and there is actually no reason to really get those skills in-house. Within the Tech industry we really have to realise what makes us successful. If we go to the core of successes of places like Silicon Valley, it is not the number of Tech people. To give an example the new companies on the block like Facebook run 1.8 billion users with only 13.000 employees. Internationally ´old´ companies as Microsoft have huge development teams in India for skills and also reverse for business; they make Indian People like Microsoft. To take a complete different branch and country is the car industry in Germany; they keep their innovation and core knowledge in-house and furthermore outsource/produce wherever they think it is a good location.

Now take Great Britain with a massive worldwide network, whereby it will be great if they utilise all embassies to become trade locations. What does it take for the Tech industry to succeed? Great Britain needs to become and grow as an entrepreneurial and innovative region. It is not only London what counts, but all regions from the North to Scotland. What really counts is to create an environment and willingness for people to start innovating and invest in companies and people. If you have hubs like Birmingham, Glasgow, London and the north and people get excited about innovating and scaling up companies globally you will automatically create new business and growth in economy. In that sense it is more than great that Theresa May emphasises to become the champion of free trade. Also the Bank of England facilitates a huge financial injection to keep Great Britain on track to growth till the uncertainty settles. If we keep creating the core unique knowledge Great Britain has and utilise the worldwide market to create and implement our business we will succeed without a doubt internationally. A research shows that around three quarters of firms think the tech skills shortage could be solved by employing apprentices. I have no doubt that this is one of the great solutions, but mainly our thinking has to focus on creating an environment we can thrive in. It is not the Ping-Pong table people come to London and it is definitely not the money. It is the journey, the vibe the moment you wake up and know something is going to happen and you feel you make a difference. At CEO level this is recognised and a research of PWC shows that 95% of UK CEOs say they are changing how they use technology and 86% technological advances will be the global trend.

Great Britain always has been a trade nation with lots of history, unfortunately some of the knowledge and business went abroad, by not keeping the unique qualities in-house. Within the financial industry, London does have that quality and will need to keep ahead of the competition, but London has the infrastructure build in the last 15 years. Within the Tech industry this will be the same, build an environment and infrastructure we can thrive in. I hear Singapore, Hong Kong, Berlin, Frankfurt, New York and many more, but that is basically not competition, those are your HUB partners to accelerate in the global tech world. Great Britain is embraced by many countries in the world and the Tech world must follow Theresa May with a twist. Great Britain is not only the champion of free trade, but as well the champion of an environment whereby innovation, creating and utilising all international tech hubs thrive to partner and work together. It sounds weird and takes some time to understand in a period of uncertainty, but Brexit welcomes global tech and people around the world to work with Great Britain!

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