A rule of Etiquette


A rule of etiquette – in business, at the dinner table “never talk about religion or politics.” “Do not discuss politics or religion in general company” is from 1879. Some rules of business etiquette have changed over time, but this well-known adage from Hill’s Manual of Social and Business Forms, a guide to writing and etiquette from 1879, is still a common standard: “Do not discuss politics or religion in general company. You probably would not convert your opponent, and he will not convert you. To discuss those topics is to arouse feeling without any good result.”

With all the media news of the last months that rule definetely has gotten down the drain. If you realise that I have friends worldwide with all different backgrounds, colour and religion I pretty much have it all in my network, it is unavoidable that they contact you about the news.

Two main things are massiveley important in their way of aproaching me. The first one is they do not directly give their moderate opinion or being explicit. They engage me and ask with respect how I am doing and if this has any effect on me and my family and than finally the second does it affect the business.

Within that process our main goal is not getting distracted within our own life. It really doesn´t matter if you are upset or happy about the news and way the world of politics and religion go forward. It is your own mindset to look at you as a person and look at your innerself to make the change in the world you want to see. With international friends it is always nice to remember the good times together and know why we became friends for business and life. So within all the distractions from the news we still apply that rule of etiquette.

My personal opinion is that ´mutual respect for everyone´ is probably the best translation of the rule of etiquette in this millenium.

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