Google and Facebook Bank on London

10209_london-techLondon Tech City

Facebook and Google expect to house around 7,000 people each in London. A lot of technology talent are going to be active in the city. What is actually more important is that these 2 significant companies will attract a lot more tech companies and people. Google is named the best company to work for for the 7th time and with their investment vehicles behind them always looking into the latest trends and acquisitions.

For VC´s, Tech people, growth accelerators and other consultancy and advice related companies a blessing and probably a factor 10 to 20 can apply for the city of London. Thinak about the tremendous impact this throwing a stone in the water and watch the riple 7.000 with partners start renting, spending, living in Great Britain. On average a person is directly connected and or related to 7 people. Without any research this will create a minimum of more than 50.000 people being actively working in the UK. Within the United States it is clear that London is the international bridge to Europe with one of the large home markets together with Germany. Within this development it will be great if all Hubs realise that Great Britain is that place to be to innovate on all industries and attract more business.

Although Singapore and HongKong say they are competing with London, I truly think these cities are complementing eachother. If ou take a map of the world and go global you probably point out the top Hubs divided per continent. The usual top like HongKong, Singapore for Asia, Capetown for Africa, Dubai Middle East, New York Sillicon Valley for US and Berlin, Paris, Barca and London for Europe.

And although I have a ´warm´ heart for a lot of innovative countries like Scandinavia, will recommend Oslo, Stockholm, Kopenhagen and Helsinki everytime of the day…..but it is not a London. The language, infrastructure on road and air, legal structure, access to services and also style of living is unique.

Within this development I also truly wish that large economies as India and China read this as well and take the same route. Also here Great Britain has an advantage in the sense that India has a large population and history in Great Britain  and the heritage of Hong Kong plus a large Chinatown also motivates the Chinese to see Great Britain as a place to be. In that sense the government and private sector have to motivate ans stimulate to whole package to come to Great Britain. Utilise the famous educational cities as Cambridge and Oxford, stimulate the gorgious holiday places from Scotland to the beaches in Bornsmouth and Cornwall. Because this all works with throwing a stone in the water and watching the riples.

I lived in Hong Kong with a lot of British people, they always stimulate and support Great Britain. The Queen went on a tour to Australia, Australia is pro Great Britain. in that sense I am always amazed that we find English Breakfast worldwide as well as HP sauce. We still see that riple from that stone in the water many years ago. Introducing Great Britain as a wonderful place with all the facilities from living to doing business is key to thrive and we all must chip in our stone and watch it riple. As Facebook and Google do for London right now.












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