Gratitude, don´t procrastinate and happy new year 


It´s the 15th of December and it are wonderful days, the lights in London are stunning and everyone is running around.

And that´s the important message for this period, while running around take a sudden stop and decide where you are going as well as enjoy that STOP look around you and enjoy the beautiful view.


Reflect that beautiful view on your own life and just know that 2017 will be ridiculously amazing . Also while doing all your Christmas shopping and being busy reflect that these days are special days as well as days to keep building. Everything you do this year, every seed you plant now will benefit you in the New Year.

Take time to think and write down your journey with all the blessings and things to be grateful for. Also realise we, humans, invented year ends, while nature is just a continous journey of evolvement and continous growth and change.

On my side I can be very grateful for the wonderful family and support, as well as the amazing people who are surrounding me in my business and private life. I often say that to the people I work with and will keep on building a long term relationship, wherever and whenever I can.

One of the most important drives we always have, is what happens when we are old and sit on that bench in the shade with a glass of wine….what do we really have. We know that what we will have is our stories and unique experiences. I already experienced large up and downs in life, no journey has been without perseverance, patience and persistence. I already have amazing stories we can still laugh out loud off and I am planning to have a lot of those moments in life with the people I love.

I wish everyone that special journey, only you can decide for, with lot´s of health and prosperity with continous growth and change and looking forward to have a ridiculously amazing year together.  #Livingthedream #keepgoingstrong

Michael Boevink


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