STOP following political news


This year the media will bomb us with scary political news. If it isn´t BREXIT, than it is Trump and on top of that there will be Dutch, French and German elections!

We all know that media likes to hit the headlines with Fake news, Real news, Scary news and real news…..but most important HEADLINE NEWS. In the world of new media we are swamped with one-liners and interpretations on written or spoken comments which fade away before the day is ended, not even talking about a week.

Within business there is always an important factor of external environment which you cannot control and only act on it as it comes. Can you predict a financial, economic or oil crisis probably not and it does mean you have to act on the spot. Reorganise as soon as possible and be open to change.

Politics is an even worse factor and drags you and your company in uncertainty as well as can delay business decisions and her I am of opinion you go completely wrong. It is better to make a wrong decision than NO decision. Keep changing and anticipating on the market and make firm decisions the world is moving and it is more important to deliver top services with added value than to be stuck and waiting on what might happen in politics.

This year we are launching several new services and initiatives and are hoping to get involved in more companies as well. The factor if we can still do that from the UK or another location is not going to stop us. As well as the focus on region hasn´t really changed we love to be a bridge for European-United States-LATAM and Asia/China companies. The hurdles we have to face we take for granted and we try to make the best judgement with every decision made and we MAKE a decision.

We are looking into a fresh and ridiculous amazing 2017 and are looking into a great world with lots of diversity and worldwide innovations which will benefit and enrich all of us as consumers.

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