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2017 has started for everyone including our Chinese friends with the year of the Rooster as well and we wish you all a wonderful year in good health and prosperity.

Our mission for the year is ´investing´! “Investing” means to allocate resources (e.g. money, time, energy) to improve quality of life of our clients, stakeholders and ourselves.

Within our year we are aiming for growth and have the following business activities whereby we welcome everyone to look into joined mutual beneficial opportunities together. Please do not hesitate to contact us to explore long term relationships and business together.

  1. @Confidential V2PAY

A long lasting wish in the FINTECH industry and our mission is to specialise and lead the world in what’s next (ideas) for Global payments innovation. Everyone can be a “me too” (become a market leader not a follower) next to the fact that we will have our own Fintech Bootcamp within a year we are excited that we are close to launching new innovations that can make a difference in peoples life. WATCH THIS SPACE!

  1. Creat Life Time Value

Boevink Group is launching a ‘life time value’ platform for charities and scale up companies….with a guaranteed return on investment and increase of users.

With a state of the art self learning analytics program we can now support Charities, Venture Capital and Scale ups to analyse the complete progress in a 3 to 5 year period. The data analytics platform also guarantees the return on the marketing budget what makes it easier for an investor board to approve the requested spending. The technology is proven and already is operational for more than 1.000 charity clients. See the above link and or ask for more information it is well worth the risk let’s do it together!

  1. ACAL Private Equity construction)

ACAL is a Swiss Private Equity firm who is specialised in bringing European companies to China with an accredited structure and more important the right Chinese partners. Already active in the Electrical Vehicle market (also member of the China EV100), we are looking into Telecoms, Robotics and other technologies where we make a difference in China as well as for the European partners.

Founded in 2010, ACAL commits long-term capital. We invest our resources in industries that change the lives of our society and shape the future. Our team consists of exceptional professional in the fields of science, design, branding, engineering and investing. We help our companies to access the world’s fastest growing market.

Our service

  • Business development – We enable companies to move fast forward in their technology and product development, testing and validating process, industrialization and access to market by building strategic cooperation’s with industry partners
  • Strategic & operational excellence -We support companies with our resources: Positioning and business model – branding and marketing – intellectual property and legal framework – governance and controlling system – business intelligence network
  • Growth capital – We believe in a success-oriented partnership. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we fully understand the situation you are facing. An expansion into a new market carries risks. Therefore we have developed a business model where we share the risk

We are open to look into mutual beneficial opportunities, if you see a future in Asia

  1. Riptec

With Riptec we are making huge steps into the future, next to a complete new User Interface launched in the Itune store with your own profile, we included Artificial Intelligence. As well as a real community player for having multiple numbers for your own use A new CMO is going to boast our Community portal Tizyo soon. A service we recommend anyone to give it a try if you use multiple numbers for a multipurpose life!

Looking forward to a fruitful amazing year together and do contact us to keep building our relationship.

Kind Regards, Saludos cordiales, 親切的問候,

Michael Boevink


S boevinkgroup

M 00442036034101

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