There are a lot of segmentations to make in life, within the best detail that every person is unique. But to keep life simple I place the etiquette on us all in

One Gives and the other Takes

You can not see this from the outside and in life everyone will meet both people for the good or for learning. Leaving a trail of generosity has in general nothing to do with money at all, giving is just a way of life. 

What can I do for you is basically all you have to ask and do in life. In life and business it is great if you can add value and make a contribution without expecting anything in return. And this is where your journey starts, if you contribute to the success of someone else, you will weird enough start receiving more success as well. 

Givers need protection from burn out, so promoting a culture of generosity and keep self-serving people from taking more than their share. Givers statistically proven to have the best operational results in a company and life. I don´t make this up, Adam Grant did a stunning performance on TED and did ofcourse the necessary research. An important quote for the givers, Givers need to distinguish generosity from three other attributes—timidity, availability, and empathy. Adam Grant. 

What for me the reason is to write about givers and Takers is mainly to one self reflect and secondly to motivate others to do the same and look in to the mirror every morning to decide to help and contribute to others. A small act of kindness can make a big difference in other peoples life. That´s why I love what I do in business, helping and growing companies from PEOPLE who care what they do. As also those simple small things, like pay it forward for a coffee or pizza. Or yes someone standing up in the bus for someone who needs that seat more than you. Or helping getting the family stroller in the train and so many more acts of kindness. 

It´s my true belief that in life and business nobody is self-made. On that journey when you are working really really hard, you will be helped and supported by givers. When you speak to older entrepeneurs you will hear that they had good and bad times, that at some point they were extremely lucky and most important that they were helped. I recommend everyone to build up their dream, live their passion and know there will be givers on your journey who will how small or big be of importance. You will recognise that often much later, but within that journey be there for others as well. BE a GIVER. 

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