High Risk investment with Guaranteed Result



This title is contradictionary and probably not true. 

High risk, High rewards are the ultimate talk in the investor market. Taking a well calculated risk to get your next Unicorn in your portfolio. Here we all go wrong ofcourse, even with a tremendous track record of success, we can miss the time to market, a not foreseen market change, we are to early and so many tiny factors in the execution to make the magic happen. 

Here the sensitivity of investors comes around the corner, they are anxious, unreasonable and focused to push the company founders over the hill and make them bigger. And investors try everything even raising more money to put more pressure on the team to get the result a good return on the investment money as well as the track record image. 

Within this market we realised that scaling up a company often goes with a lot of uncalculated loss and while investors steer on financials, they forget to steer on performance based and accountable financials as well. A large part of the investment goes often to conquering the world with marketing, but not with performance based marketing. 1 thing is that you want an accountable marketing with guaranteed result.

When we scale up companies we define four stages of service to our clients:

1.       Stage one: Analyse

CLTV first undertakes an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the potential client organisation. We will audit the organisation with the best experienced people, analysts and advanced analytic systems we have developed during the past years.

2.       Stage two: Strategy

Next we design a strategy that will most efficiently and effectively meet the client’s growth goals. The strategy includes audience analysis, messaging, creative and back of the house infrastructure. At this stage a proposal/contract is drawn up and executed.

3.       Stage three: Finance

At this stage the appropriate specialized partners are selected and the terms of their engagement, management reporting requirements and other details set forth and agreed to. (CLTV requires the use of its standard online report management tools so projects can be monitored on a daily basis.)

Targets and timelines are agreed to. Escrow accounts and, if necessary merchant or other payment processing accounts are established.

Project goes into the field. Initial tests are conducted and if “success” standards are met, the go-ahead is given for continuation of the activity in a higher volume.

A standard project has a running time of 3 to 5 years. This means that a client will be on board for 6 to 7 years minimum. 

4.       Stage Four: Execution

CLTV monitors field and/or other marketing activity on a daily basis. Reports are generated for both the specialty partner and the client.

Predictive models and other analytics are employed on a regular basis offering up recommendations for improving either tactics or audience.

CLTV monitors flow of agreed upon payments into and out of the escrow accounts and provides monthly, quarterly, annual and end-of-project reports to clients, partners, and investors.

It´s still a high risk investment, but we guarantee result and make sure that every Penny is spend accountable and wisely with a guaranteed return on investment and increase of users. It just makes that investment in the Customer Life Time Value so much higher and downgrades our risk investment less high with a high reward in return. 

Now let´s build that next Unicorn! 


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