A penny for your thoughts oh well 27pence per day in this case!

Riptec is coming into the next level of growth we are reaching new milestones and for the team the journey is becoming more and more special because we know where we came from.

Many years ago we had already seen that the market for making and receiving calls was changing. Within that evolution we saw a market opportunity whereby ‘mobile only’ for business, private with fixed and mobile lines will change the way we call.

It’s like going from telex to fax or your home phone to mobile you know it is going to happen we only do not know when exactly.

The 1st step from the founder, Mark Trowbridge, was that he needed to wait till 8 of clock PM in the office so a client could call him on the office line. Annoyed as he was he was thinking how to solve that problem and did the now obvious and routed the fixed line to his mobile as well as being able to call the client back with the fixed line.

Multiple numbering was born!

The concept solves instantly a problem, it is your life and you decide if you want to call or be called with any number you want.

We are still in the early days of multiple numbering.

– The UK SME market counts for 50bln, where we know that 25% will go mobile only.
– Adding a number to your default choice of number will become mainstream.
– non-telcos are starting to sell numbers as an added value service.
– Artificial Intelligence will even support how you want to communicate

Early days and that’s why I am proud of Riptec http://www.riptec.net. A company who easily can be a couple years to early before we ALL get it. True believers of the multiple numbering market we jumped all blindly in a massive untapped market….will the end user embrace it. A full house on an event with some simple questions tells us we are on our way:


Milestone after milestone with plenty of setbacks tells us we are right. Being chosen by the Startupgrind http://www.StartupGrind.com gives us another confirmation we are doing something special and pave the way for multiple numbering.

We don’t need a thank you for that!

We are so grateful with our users who embrace the solution and never want to go back to the desktop phone or 2 mobile phones or the uneasiness of not keeping their social work life separate with only one number.

We solved that and we know many players will follow, but we are there with our patented solution and are enjoying the journey. Startup Grind is another step forward, which we reward our users with a penny for your thought…and 27pennies a day for a number and a year long unlimited calling. Please help yourself while supporting a great business as well. Thanks for everyone who believes in us and all the believers to come, don’t hesitate to try for free and/or sign up you will be amazed when your life gets served with multiple numbers.

Warm regards,

Michael Boevink

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