Lack of trying is holding you back!


The current business jargon and self help courses, books videos are increasing and increasing and I belief and truly hope it will help and support people in their journey and path of life.

I always read a lot and at the moment mainly focused on my hobby, which is for me business related subjects and yes I actually read all your content before I like or share, please keep amazing me.

I enjoy good insights and catchy articles, as also I enjoyed biographies from people who make a difference.  This can be Andrew Carnegie, Dr. Frankle, T. Robbins, B. Gates, R. Branson, T. Ferris as well as other people like Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela and many many many others, who all deserve to be named.

With all the great advisors in the world and the great tips, crying stories and the pursuit of happiness I once in a while go back to basics and that is ´Lack of Trying´. The entrepreneurs I am or get involved in keep on trying. It is not a question if they are young or old, experienced or not, they have a habit of trying.

Things go wrong yes, sometimes we can avoid mistakes by guiding or knowing pitfalls, but we never have a lack of trying. We have this saying ´a donkey never hits the same stone twice´ ….but if you do who cares keep trying learn from that stone of course, but keep trying. I speak to people with great ambition they want to be a writer, but they never try to post a small article or learn/talk to another writer or take writing classes. THEY don´t try.

There is now an event trend where people go to a failure party……be vulnerable and tell about your failures. Yes it is respectful and we all need to learn from our failures, but in the end it is the lack of trying again and again and again, that makes you successful. All the great ones in the world failed over and over, because they were and are trying. Patience, persistence and perseverance with tenacity are powerful words and a valuable message, but still you will have to try!

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying. Michael Jordan

Trying has all sorts of ´lack´

  1. I tried to call the person, but nobody was there so I let it go
  2. I don´t pitch to that company they are too far to reach
  3. When I have money, than I will start my company, no use to try without money
  4. I cannot try to start for myself, I need sufficient funds

It´s of course the dream stories of trying that make a difference as Steve Jobs did when he was young.

´At 12, Jobs wanted to build a frequency counter, but he didn’t have the parts. Ever sensible, he suspected that Bill Hewlett, then the CEO of HP, might have some extras. And so, with the bizarre confidence of an 8th grader, he found Hewlett’s number in the telephone book and called it. “He answered the phone and he was real nice. After a 20 minute chat, Hewlett agreed to give Jobs the parts — and he also offered him a summer job at HP.´

There are many more stories about successful people trying and most of them hit many closed doors as well, but they tried.

The harder you try, the luckier you will get. This has to do with personal growth; you will get better at trying. In the world of ´tech´ we have seen a massive change in the way how we approach the business and to keep it simple we called it BETA.

It basically means we are not ready yet, but we are giving it a try so you can experience our unique service, while in the mean time we are tweaking, tuning and make it better with your feedback included as well. We try!

Avis had a massively successful campaign for 50 years, with only 1 message, WE TRY HARDER.


It appeals to everyone and it should be stimulated, when somebody attempts a sales pitch say thank you, wish them luck and keep on trying. When somebody wants to achieve an unrealistic dream in your view, you will be surprised and maybe it is the learning curve that supports them in their further journey. Being an entrepreneur is already a challenging journey, so let them try and promote their TRY.

If you don´t try, you will never know how far you will get. 90% of start ups fail and often it is because of lack of trying within the execution.

From that 90% who failed a 100% feedback is that they learned more than they would ever have learned in theory.

There is no LOSS in trying and remember the words of Wayne Gretzky: “You miss 100% of the shots you don‘t take.” In other words, you can’t succeed unless you TRY.

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