The ‘why’ behind working for free and is it worth it?


A lot of people ask for all type of favours for free. Free business advice, market tips, fundraising strategies, growth advice, personal advice, opening network and many more.

There is a whole list of reasons to be paid in advance for all work that people ask and yes it sometimes goes into the extreme, which is far beyond a ‘no cure no pay’ deal.

Still we do it for free!

Let me first go back to one of our views we have takers and givers. So it does happen to all of us that the taker keeps taking till it gets to a halt. That loss of energy is painful, but limited. The circle of network closes and the taker will find another source to take, but not in your environment. Sometimes it takes a while, but in the end the taker will be dissapear and we have to take the loss.

The givers in your business will appreciate your gift of support and network and we have to realise they are often not in the position to pay big fees…..and maybe they can in the far future and maybe never.

Still if you are in the business for the long term and long term relationships, it’s what we call the ‘ripple’ combined with ‘karma’

The moment you ‘give’ without expecting anything in return, the stone in the water starts to ripple. The positive vibe starts to flow; remember people who are focused on getting a fee don’t believe us. It goes something like this:

A pleasure to meet you can you spend some time with me to explain me how I can grow my own future, company and advice me how to move on and if possible can recommend me to some people in your network as well. Basically blocking a day, plus investing to open the network and support his/her future for free! The attitude towards these requests is: can I add value to that person and help as good as I can. Loss of time and money right……your most expensive asset TIME.

‘Ripple’ and ‘karma’ we do not always understand ‘why’ we work for free! So the 1st one is the easy understandable ‘ripple’….the person you helped pays it forward by talking positive about his experience about you and if he meets the right person that person wants to meet you too and this will lead to a new person in your network and this will keep on ‘rippling’ to increase your circle in business. Call it a referral fee and everyone understands and is happy.

Now the not understandable part is the ‘karma ripple’ and it goes like this as an example.

Sorry to bother you, but I am in distress can you help me out, how to solve an issue as well I cannot pay you for it and actually need money as well. Serious question and a list of reasons to walk away….still the person is sincere and you have the strength to help this person in your position. Don’t get me wrong it is not giving someone a fish; it is teaching him to fish himself so he is on his own again.

Maybe it is nice to tell that people did this for me, as well as I do this for others and sometimes without knowing.

What happens after you did this….is NOTHING! You gave and the other took it, done. You don’t really know why you helped, but you feel good about it and maybe even a bit of frustration in the beginning…..oh well you forget it. In the mean time the ripple and karma are fully getting in place and you get a remarkable opportunity on a weird and quiet moment and you are on top of the world. You cannot connect the dots….

When I was a kid my dad always explained to me emotional economy always wins from the rational economy in the long term. And he also had the expression “He who does good, will meet good.” Meaning: “Who does good things to others, will receive good things in return.”

It doesn’t really matter you work for free, the positive energy you give and put out in the world will silently, unknowingly when the least expected in your life give back your ´FREE´ work.

Is it worth it…..every second of the day, you might want to give it a try!

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