Work hard in Silence, let success make all the Noise!


We always say work hard in silence and let success make the noise

We always love to see people succeed in their dreams and it’s our passion to add value as much as we can on a journey of challenges wherever we can.

The year 2017 has been a year where we invested a lot in our relationships and build a foundation not for 2018, but far beyond that.


Thanks to Bill Field we will show the world V2pay has never been a ´me too´ organisation. We lead innovation in the financial services and continuously come up with state of the art solutions. We truly think we are launching magical financial services and the team is a joy to work with. We overcome challenges with perseverance persistence and patience and We are proud to be part of this.


Mark Trowbridge has truly build a patented telecom Rolls Royce for communication with multiple numbering on Mobile. Our fundament with expanding the board and team with top notch people brings us to the next level of growth. On top we laid out a vision and roadmap for Artificial Intelligence and the latest developments on communication, which will set the future for Riptec.

IPG International Philantrophy Group

With a complete new way of no cure no pay fundraising we set the pace not only how to do fundraising but also able to completely back it up with audits, data analytics and artificial intelligence. We are proud that the biggest development bank in the world BRAC believes in us and we instantly rewarded them with a successful launch of consumer fundraising, which they never had done before.

As a spin of of IPG we are launching Create Life Time value for our clients to be able to use the same data analytics and no cure no pay marketing!


Acal leads the way in sourcing companies in Europe for the Chinese market. Within the Automotive market Acal has become an authority as a member of the Chinese EV 100 and buying one of the best Swiss engineering companies as well as making a deal with the Chinese manufacturer of Electronic vehicles. New investments will be set up for the coming year in this vibrant market.

With the above projects we expect a massive scale up the coming months as well as scaling ourselves. We Continue to support all our close relationships and expect to expand and add more opportunities in our market.

Our ambition is to make our relationships succeed and be an authority in scaling companies on a global level. With relationships all over the world we believe in a global approach while acting local.

If you want to explore mutual beneficial opportunities together, please do no hesitate to contact us

Office number: 0044 2036034101

General inquiries:

Wishing everyone wonderful days to come in good health and prosperity and keep thriving!

Michael Boevink


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