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Did you that the title CEO was once launched and announced only for stock exchange companies. Just think for a moment that you are a CEO like Jack Welch from General Electric with 400.000 employees or you aspire to grow your 1 person company as a CEO. Both use the title CEO and that is very amusing.

So you need a title to make it big time?

Alright you got it, this is a free world and use it, if it makes you feel good! In the corporate world there is a whole middle layer of Vice President and senior director titles, that is usually also the layer that gets redundant when you reorganise the company. I enjoyed to see the reorganisation of a company like Philips where the ceo Jan Timmer started to put less chairs in meeting rooms. Wonderful 12 people came in and looking at 8 chairs and eachother, 4 were send out to get to work again or not come back! He laid of 45.000 people with a beautiful title.

I am telling you this for a reason, at the moment we are back in the hype again and I see more experts and gurus popping up in no time. I feel for you if you need to have that title to make a difference and add value. But if you use it, do us all a favour and really show it.

I spoke last week to a tech entrepreneur who is young eager and working his ass of to grow his start up and tells me: I read every night at least 1 document or white paper about Blockchain/crypto. This guy doesn’t need a title this guy is really becoming extremely knowledgeable about this industry and I am 100% sure he is already adding value. He doesn’t need a title, but I can easily recommend him any time of the day because he actually puts the effort in to learn about a game changer in the market.

With over 15 years of experience in the telecom, tech and financial services and seeing the first mobile payment via SMS in 1992 already, I really don’t need a title! What I do need is to keep up to date, not to get out of date! I too read every single day the latest content and prepare myself to explain this to make people understand in simple terms what is happening with ICO’s, Blockchain, Crypto, Fintech, AI, Automotive. I follow humble all the specialists in these fields and read and listen to them.

My advice keep the title, if it makes you feel better, but wear the title with proud, put the effort in and be up to date!

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