Blockchain Technologies – A Powerful Way to Scale Up your Business

Blockchain technology futuristic hud banner.

What do Blockchain en Scale up have in common?


Everyone is following the credo: BLOCKCHAIN…..and nobody takes time to read about it. A brave new confusing world of technology. the blockchain is a revolution in technology that will touch all people and all businesses. So people are paying attention, but many still don’t understand what the blockchain is… comes basically the interesting part: 


Do you need Blockchain: NO you do not need Blockchain. WHAT? Yes you do not need Blockchain. but, but, but…..Hold your horses. 


I passed many technologies all ready, from Mobile telephony, IoT, AI, Bluetooth, prepaid payment cards, financial services apps as a vault etc. Cool stuff and I always get excited about the latest innovation….that doesn’t mean it is instantly a worldwide hit as well as worldwide usable. 

Go 1st back to the basics when we start looking at Scaling a company, question 1: Do we solve a problem and do we fulfill a need? Here we go often wrong with Blockchain technology, you have to go back to the origination of value to research how you can solve a problem. Else keep the ledger central, don’t give the power to the people and keep on doing what you are doing. 

Question 2: Is it scaleable….very interesting question, which is evident in the offered Blockchain technology. If we can decentralise the stakeholders and participants within a value exchange system than we are seriously scaling and speeding up the business. 

Question 3: the people are they able to execute? Often with a scale up we are looking for specific people to get the JOB done. Within the Blockchain market they are there, but please check the knowledge of these people and can they carry a blockchain solution to improve the business and lives of others. 

When you ask yourself these questions and it adds up, you can really BLITZSCALE your business with a Blockchain solution in place. There are invaluable benefits as speed in the supplychain and transfer of payments. 

We are at the beginning of a technical solution which will bring a lot of new and improved business models to improve lives of many people and it is a joy to be in the space for several years already! 

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