#FINTECH #TECHFIN #BLOCKFIN versus a consumer centric ecosystem


There always has been the discussion how do we serve the consumer.

It has gone from ‘You can get any colour you want as long as it is black’ Henry Ford introducing cars for the mass…..to WHO OWNS THE CUSTOMER.

Money has been around for over thousands of years and led to greed, wars, power, poverty and still leads to the question why do we need money in the 1st place.

The basic rule is Money is a Means, not an End. …If you recognize that money is there to help you meet your needs and reach your visions, then it has been seen that money actually can contribute to happiness. But that’s because money is not the end goal. Money is simply a tool that helps us achieve our vision of a better future.

Now let us apply that on #FINTECH than we are looking at an improvement more efficient way of using financial technology. If we apply that on #TECHFIN we are already going to a complete different angle we actually don’t care about the financial technology, but the consumer daily usage of technology as WECHAT, whereby WEPAY just is a part of the consumer flow. If we start applying #BLOCKFIN we are even getting closer, we decentralise the technology to the participants and can even share the wealth.

The final step is actually going back to the core basics of humans and exchange of value. So if you look at a consumer centric approach you have to understand that every human being on this earth adds value. So let’s say a baker is great at baking bread and want to exchange this with a great fisherman who has fish. The added value of the exchange value is 1 bread for 1 fish. These are 2 participants who can be part of a payment ecosystem whereby the baker can give out baker coins and the fisherman can give out fish coins. The ultimate consumer centric platform is that humans can issue their own stable currency to do their shopping or fulfill their own needs by issuing their own value.

In the current market this is an utopia, we will not be able to distribute the wealth accordingly. Within digital transformation  and the share of wealth it is ofcourse possible to mint a stable coin, whereby with a PROOF of STAKE we can actually increase the value of a stable currency, we can actually ask the participants of the ecosystem to use their added value to increase the wealth.

My take on the future is we are far away of a consumer centric approach on the one side due to all legacy, many years of infrastructure and stakeholders. On the other side we see due to digital currency and a new technology, that business models are changing hopefully for the good and we create “A community that shares its wealth”

I am lucky to be a part of this space, much respect goes out to all those involved in its creation and growth and looking forward to many consumer centric models to come into the market.


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