The world’s debt currently exceeds $86,000 per person on average, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Insane right? We are living in an age that people in poverty live from 1$ a day, wealthy countries who keep on increasing debt ceilings….for wars, chaos….more cars…more debt. The financial mechanisms in the market created a virtual financial bubble, without ‘sharing the wealth’!

Looking at the history how we distribute money we are clearly doing something wrong. Without a doubt Greed and Power play a tremendous role in all of our lives and unfortunately it goes over the backs of the mass. We all seen to completely forget that every human on earth is a human and we need to serve eachother to be successful.

In the old days…..we used to use a Global Store of Value system, so Gold or Silver represented a volume of value, that volume of value has given the ability to convert that to Notes….which basically is a Dollar or Euro. We stopped using this mechanism to be able to print more notes….against…..TRUST. We trust a government and a central bank to act prudent and ethical with the financial monetary system. In practice this doesn’t happen….debts are rising at staggering rates and can only be corrected with a massive crisis.

Here we should take a BREAK and rethink this model and look into alternatives.

There are many angles to consider in a financial mechanism from Assets, inflation, Interest rates all means a central bank and government have to their disposal to correct the market. Can be quantitative easing, tightening markets, inflation to keep the circulation of money (we trust) going. Financial Crisis is also not uncommon to use, history proofs we use that as well to correct the market at costs of a lot of people’s well-being.


What if we can utilise the latest technology to give it another angle and create a NON-DEBT ASSET based commodity WITHOUT touching the current LAW. I am seeing this as a HYBRID Financial Monetary ecosystem which fits into any Central Bank and Government. To give you an example what you can do as a central bank and government is to issue a non-debt asset based Digital Mining Bond, which yields 10% per annum. Hybrid: It is fully legal and regulatory underwritten by LAW. The uniqueness is that it is classed as a commodity with a fixed and stable price not to be influenced by external market influences.

The monetary market  will not have any impact and this gives a secure and stable price solution.

When we issue ‘one unit of DMB’ this is by law a commodity. To compare take Corn or Gold are  equal to a digital unit DMB. The digit operates under the countries Law. The Bankcoin reserve under license agreement mints DMB which yields 10% per annum and becomes a NON-debt asset, which the Government/Central Bank can issue as a bond. So let’s say they issue a bond of 1bln, after one year this will be 1.1bln.

Not only a lot of thought, research and PROOF with the Blockchain, technology and Store of Value has been done. More important there has been created a complete way of reversed thinking how to support countries and get them an ethical, non usury, non reba solution, which supports their economy.

THE MAJOR SHIFT IN THINKING IS a NON-DEBT ASSET BASED SOLUTION, WHICH FITS SEAMLESSLY IN THE CURRENT DEBT ECONOMY and changes any financial institution’s balance sheet. Blockchain technology is the technical tool that serves the solution.

Michael Boevink

Boevink Group scales companies with a guaranteed return on investment and increase of users. The Boevink Group added value to companies is accelerating cross-border sales and providing expertise in scaling up. Typical clients are Fintech, VC, Tech Telecom companies that have already raised funding or are already generating significant revenues, and need to scale to the next level, increase their teams, develop the next version of their platform, win partnerships and clients, and to put business controls and governance in place.

http://www.boevinkgroup.com Office number: 0044 2036034101

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