Don’t take the Plunge

I get more and more requests and investment plans of people, who are tired of corporate life, have this great idea and nobody listens, want more freedom….and oooh nooooo the management meeting are killing and all that stress… is time to take the plunge! 
I am going to be an entrepreneur, be massively respected and ofcourse earn a fortune. 
To all of you….I am not the guy to stop you, I love freedom, entrepreneurship and I have even more wicked friends around me who love to be an entrepreneur….they just don’t know why we call it that way. 
Let’s 1st get back to the basics:
1. I love corporate life, you have everything arranged and please appreciate your lease car, your assistant, pension plan, janitor, receptionist, company benefits, Friday drinks and planned growth path. It’s great fun and if you are good in what you do, trust me stick to corporate life….for life. 
2. Entrepreneurs are in for the GAME, yes we might get rich….but ask any real entrepreneur…..even Richard Branson cried when he had to sell off his company to save Virgin Air…..and they keep going if it is in philanthropy Bill Gates or the next big thing….an entrepreneur is in for the GAME. 
Intrapreneurs, wannnapreneurs, only if I am funded entrepreneurs all 1000% respect and please make it happen the more successful people on the journey the merrier. 
Now the real deal, an entrepreneur BELIEVES
“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it—then I can achieve it.” Jesse Jackson 
In the real deal we believe so hard, we lose friends, drag in family and much more to not lose our passion about our BELIEVE.
Common we are the janitor, assistant, receptionist, changing the light bulb to get floating…..whatever needs to be done for the higher aim and our believe system. It’s all the way in and we often need a reality check a mirror check a non understanding of people close to you.
The everyday question WHY you are doing things that don’t PAY the bills….NOW. It’s our believe that get’s us up and going again and again and again. 
“Live everyday as if it were your last because someday you’re going to be right.” 
Most of the entrepreneurs I know, fill in a bucket list with no regrets. The pain the suffering the immense stress, gives an upside….they know when to take it and go all the way from world trips to fulfilling the dreams of the partners who suffer with them all the way. 
Taking the plunge can be worth it…..if you really BELIEVE! 

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