10 easy questions how we (or you) can assess your business!


provides you with all the tools to grow!

We are doing this for a while now…. over 15 years of growing companies with numerous failures and successes. We created SCALE4YOU to support companies to grow quicker, avoid pitfalls and utilise our network to benefit your business.

Before you start your assessment, as we use it ourselves, we do want to address the following: 

  1. Starting up or Scaling up is HARD and HARSH, there is NO entrepreneur in our network without dark days in his/her life. 
  2. NO ONE pays him/herself first, the true entrepreneur goes all in. We always see those posts pay yourself 1st …not happening in real life. 
  3. BLITZ Scaling a very nice read, but most Start ups and Scale-ups are bootstrapped or reasonably financed and need every penny to grow their business step by step as fast as possible without falling apart. There is NO overnight success for the 98% companies who make it. 
  4. Short term survival, long term vision. Be always in for the long term with everything you do, clients, partners, relationships aim long term. In this case you can always count on each other in good….and bad times.  
  5. Image Match, if there is NO image match it will be bound to go wrong somewhere down the line. 
  6. BE CREATIVE, you can achieve a lot (with little) with partners, experts and believers to get the best of the best. Go for that!
  7. When you scale, there are different levels of PAIN, yes also successful growth phases can give you a headache. 
  8. We analyse as much as we can, while saying that….sometimes GUT Feel is the way to GO. 
  9. Finally here below a 10 point assessment form, we ask ourselves within the team and take a moment of our time to decide if this is a GO or NO GO. Ask yourself the same!


Feel free to ask us questions or information to support your growth and GO FOR IT.


info@scale4you.com        +44 20 37405005       www.scale4you.com


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