We see all those great posts, about how chuffed and honored we all are with the next reward or milestone how well we do and we are #livingthedream……all true 

Than we have these psychological posts of mental burn outs, fears, lonely dark days the failure advice…..all true

Than you got the practical advice, pay yourself 1st, hire the best, set a culture, winner takes all, go big….all true

If you read all the accelerator programs and events we all are going to be successful…..all true  (please do enjoy the knowledge and pick out the best mentor available)

Statistics say that over 90% of start ups fail, that’s 9 out of 10……all true

Easy answer: I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance. ~Steve Jobs 

What is wrong here, its the P’s where we all go wrong

Persistence, Patience, Perseverance, Purpose and the PAIN SCALE

pain scale is a tool that doctors use to help assess a person’s pain. When you see people doing extraordinary things in life, they are fully aware the ‘pain’ it costs goes far over the 10. People who go the extra mile are willing to sacrifice, give up things.


Is it worth it to sleep on Victoria Station, because you can’t afford the night to sleep….but you know the next deal is coming. Is it worth it to have an empty fridge and electricity cut off….to make it. Is it worth it to put your family and your loved ones under intense pressure….PAIN SCALE goes sometimes way over 10, the drive is not always in blindly hard work and keep going. In real life you just can have major unexpected set backs, where you need to recover from and still keep your meaning of life within the tracks.

This is the most difficult part, you see successful people like Elon Musk crying….but he is not going to give up. Why? he has a bigger purpose and decides to distract his brain towards the beauty of his goal. That instantly will reduce the pain scale to normality and keeps him going strong. If you truly believe you are doing something worthwhile you will find a way to distract your brain to reduce the Pain scale. Your brain filters determine how, and to what extent, you feel pain. So in order to control what you feel, you need to find a way to manage what it is your brain’s sensors pick up.

Often this can be small things, in our circle of entrepreneurs we often call each other. For example they call me to support them through the dark days, I am nothing more than a listening ear and a mirror. They know I am not going to give up and specially not going to give up on them. Those elements calms the emotion and get’s them back on track within the normality on the Pain Scale. I recommend anyone who is going all the way to do the same, take a walk, be grateful, laugh it off and instantly distract the brain. To comfort you, there is no person in life without a setback, there is no entrepreneur who didn’t overcome setbacks, there is no success without suffering and sacrifice.


To keep going, know why you started in the 1st place (purpose), be grateful and find your mirror to distract your brain and succeed!

Good luck we are grateful to be there for you.







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